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About LYO

Lad Youth Organization (LYO) is a committee formed under Lad Vanik Samaj of North America (LVSNA) which involves and puts emphasis on projects relating to youths of LVSNA. LYO consists of members between the ages 14-29.

Our mission is: "to involve the youth(s) of LVSNA to create a strong and large network that will help build awareness of our community, past and culture".

Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness about LVSNA ideals and principles in North America and the world
  • To create a forum for sharing LVSNA’s strong network of successful individuals in areas such as: Medicine, Finance, Engineering, and Business.
  • To instill a sense of pride among Lad youth(s) about their heritage and Samaj.
  • To address the problems, difficulties, and concerns facing Lad youth(s) in today’s world.
  • To assist and to promote charitable community activities
  • To prepare Lad youth to become successful Lad leaders of tomorrow
  • To develop friendships among Lad youths.
  • To foster and strengthen local Lad youth groups

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